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CapriCom Networks was established in August 2012 in Polokwane, Limpopo.

Our Directors, Charl Bloem & Johan Botha are the heart of CapriCom Networks.

Charl Bloem Technical director

Johan Botha Financial Director

CapriCom Networks was established in August 2012 with director Charl Bloem. Johan Botha joined the team in 2022 as part of management who leads the company with great pride and passion.

CapriCom Networks provides wireless internet as one of the most effective ways to access internet within your business. We offer a range of wireless internet packages to fit any budget.

We also offer fibre internet which is fast and affordable, hence the area is covered with fibre infrastructure.

CapriCom Networks offers voice over internet protocol (IP) telephony, which is a method of deliver of voice communications and multimedia sessions over IP networks, such as the internet.

The team is constantly expanding and improving. Excellent customer service and a robust team to assist at any time are high on our priority list, easily making us the finest in our sector.

Our customers make our company’s future bright and exciting. We greatly appreciate and value you. Thank you to everyone, especially our customers, for being an essential part of our success. Thank you to our management, who serve as our mentors and guides. Our wish for the next 10 years is for CapriCom’s journey of corporate success to continue and grow.

Our customers make our company's future bright and exciting.